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Nrc Next & Nrc Handelsblad

NRC NEXT/Handelsblad by Raoul KramerA pleasant cooperation between the newspaper Nrc, their picture editor and their journalists. They asked me to pitch a concept for a news item and here it is: 02/03 NRC Next (p.1, 4, 5, 6, 7) and 01/03 Handelsblad (p. 2, 3).

For the provincial elections 2011 we traveled to twelve grid cross points on the Dutch map that fitted exactly within each province its border. Landed on a grid cross point the first person we met got interviewed and I took their portrait facing towards The Hague, where our parlement sits.

NRC NEXT/Handelsblad by Raoul Kramer

NRC NEXT/Handelsblad by Raoul Kramer